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Accounting services slovenia

Accounting services

The company KONTROLING PLUS d.o.o. performs all accounting services especially for larger clients but also for a smaller ones. Special attention is paid to particularly serious and more demanding business events. At your request we prepare a proposal for rationalization of other operations connected with your business. We adapt services to your industry and your business volume.

We organize the course where you learn to use information system as a support of your business in your seat or at us.

We also organize the annual balances for you in order to be ready in time for the success at the end of the year.

We also do the accounting at individual cost centers, separately to ensure the accounting records for the individual projects (grants, state aid).

We perform the overall management for you, but you can also let us in the processing of only certain areas.

Our accounting services include:

  • managing the general accounts, managing the general accounts at cost centers (for a single project)
  • keeping records of analytical balance conto (open positions of customers and suppliers, and open positions for others)
  • management of payment services
  • accounting and keeping cash operations
  • establishing a register of fixed assets, depreciation
  • calculation of value added tax
  • keeping tax records
  • preparation of the annual balances
  • preparation of the final account
  • calculation of salaries and reporting on wages paid
  • accounting the social contributions for private individual
  • keeping records of material bookkeeping
  • preparation of various reports and statistics for the various institutions (eg. The Bank of Slovenia)
  • calculation of interest
  • preparation of documents necessary for obtaining bank loans
  • preparation of documents necessary for obtaining grants (subsidy)

Accounting services for specific areas (only salaries or just VAT, etc.)

We adjust the accounting services to your needs in a way that we only perform the  services for a particular area.

In case you have already employed a person whom performs for you basic accounting tasks, we can only account and report on wages paid, or only account VAT, and we may also only prepare the final balance on the basis of your booking. Learn more about the individual services that can be managed and accounted in chapter FINANCIAL SERVICES.

Accounting services at your place (at your seat)

The entire service, or just financial services for individual areas are also carried out on your seat. We provide help with your staff on accounting business transactions. The service is suitable for smaller companies that would like to additionally train its already existing staff for performing the accounting services in their program. We offer the effective training of your staff at your seat or we can just help you with booking.

Annual financial statements

If you keep business books yourself, we can perform for you only production and transmission of annual account of the competent institutions (AJPES,DURS). Furthermore, we also offer an overview of your business books.

Due diligence

Are you thinking about expansion of your business with the purchase of a new company or a part of company, each program or individual business units ? At us you can arrange a due diligence of a new company or a part of company. We also choose for you the available data on the operations of the new entity.

Each investor must make sure what he is buying and what are the pitfalls and hidden reserves of the enterprise, in which he is ready to invest.

With due diligence we present you through the report items that cover the background of the company, financial and tax disclosures and the most important events that may affect the business in your decision on the setting up the price.