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Tax consulting and optimization SloveniaTax consulting and services

Good performance also reflects in the optimization of tax obligations to a minimum. With our tax consulting services you can achieve the optimal tax liability which will improve the profitability of your business. For this purpose we also perform preventive tax reviews.

Above all, we distinguish ourselves by personal approach, guaranteed discretion and years of experience in this field.

Preventive tax reviews

Why should you be afraid of the tax inspection? You can sleep peacefully, if you decide to get help from a tax adviser before a tax inspector visits you. Avoid the problems and the financial stress and inconvenience related to them.

The possibility of avoiding tax irregularities is definitely in the hands of the company. An effective way is a preventive tax review, which may be TOTAL or PARTIAL. What does get verified in overall TAX review is tax corporation is, VAT and other taxes and contributions and also income tax. Partial tax review covers only a particular area. Therefore, you can expect from us the real alert on the fiscal irregularities and warnings of possible violations of tax laws. You will also be given suggestions how to overcome the shortcomings and irregularities.

The preventive tax reviews will certainly contribute to companies' leadership being better educated and informed.

Company verification service

If you decide to work with new business partner, it makes sense to check his credit rating. But if you are considering the purchase, takeover or merging with another company, it is almost essential to check his business. We collect for you the available information about the business entity and you are warned about the potential risks.

Annual financial statements

If you keep business books yourself, we can perform for you only production and transmission of annual account of the competent institutions (AJPES,DURS).

Furthermore, we also offer an overview of your business books.

Business start-up

Have you decided to start an independent business career? Do you want to open S.P. or d.o.o. or another kind of company but you do not know where to start? We make for you all the arrangements for opening of S.P. or a company. We advise you at the start of your business career and we encourage you to find the optimal solution. Opening of the company requires a basic knowledge of Slovenian laws and obligations, to which such a company, once established, is subject to.

If you are a foreigner and want to open in the Slovenia a company we arrange all documentation for you, and in the case that you need the notarial act we arrange you a contact with a notary and also a court interpreter.

With your authorization we also physically arrange the establishing of company at the competent institutions, and this way you avoid queues and unnecessary loss of time.

Business transformation services

If you are considering the transformation S.P. in d.o.o. or you are forced to do so due to retirement, we can perform this complex procedure for you, and we can also find a solution for you from tax and business perspective.

We are distinguished by practical experience in transforming and the knowledge of the topic to Law on income tax, as well as the Corporations Act.